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bert wong 10-11-2016

Bert Wong
Chief Executive Officer
Fuji Xerox Singapore

Bert Wong is the Chief Executive Officer of Fuji Xerox Singapore, where he is accountable for setting the company’s strategic direction and overseeing business performance. Bert also holds the position of Asia Pacific Officer, where he is responsible in the strategic planning and growth for the Fuji Xerox business in Asia Pacific and China.

Bert has been the catalyst for numerous bold business initiatives that have enabled steady innovation and transformation at Fuji Xerox Singapore to bring the best services and technology to the Singapore market. From a traditional copier business, Fuji Xerox Singapore is today a leader in the field of document services and communications.

Under Bert’s leadership, Fuji Xerox Singapore has seen more than 20 consecutive quarters of double-digit growth from Q4 2009 to date, and has remained the Market Leader in the A3 copier-based Multi-function Printer (MFP) Industry for 32 consecutive quarters since 2008 according to IDC. In addition, Fuji Xerox Singapore has ranked first in the Competitive Benchmark Survey for 6 consecutive years, and also won the ‘Asia Best Employer Brand’ Award in 2011, ‘Excellence in CSR Practices’ Award in 2013 and numerous accolades, a testament to Bert’s dynamism and forward-thinking approach.

Bert began his career with Fuji Xerox Singapore in 1980 in the sales department and was subsequently assigned numerous management positions, such as Regional Marketing Director / Senior General Manager for Business Operations, prior to his appointment as CEO in 2007. As CEO, Bert has a strong passion for people and spearheaded Fuji Xerox Singapore’s core value transformation and leadership development programme to nurture and groom new leaders within the company.He has been featured in award winning books, ‘The Leadership Challenge’ and ‘Real Leadership’.

Bert is a champion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Work-Life integration. Away from Fuji Xerox Singapore, Bert served on the Board of the Singapore Compact from August 2012 to March 2015, as well as the Board for Singapore’s Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment.

Raphael Foo
General Manager, Marketing
Fuji Xerox Singapore

Raphael Foo is the General Manager of Marketing in Fuji Xerox Singapore. He is responsible for overseeing the full spectrum of products in Singapore markets. He is a visionary who sets the strategic marketing direction of the company and leads the company in defining the product and branding positioning.

In addition, he also plays an instrumental role in driving the pursuit of channel partnerships for the company, with the goal to grow and deepen our product growth. Raphael also leads the product marketing team in formulating creative sales compensation schemes with a focus of achieving pipeline revenue targets.

Since joining Fuji Xerox Singapore in 1992, Raphael has amassed an invaluable wealth of information in productivity and competitiveness strategy formulation, product management, industrial design, quality assurance and standardisation as well as business excellence management. Prior to Fuji Xerox Singapore, Raphael was a sales representative in Rank Xerox. In two years, he progressed to the position of the Area Sales Manager in charge of driving business operations in South Asia.

With more than 30 years in the IT industry, Raphael possesses a wealth of regional marketing and IT experience, backed by his degree with a Bachelor in Marketing. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports like golf and tennis. An outgoing man, he has a strong interest in Chinese History and loves to travel around the world.

Pauline Chua
General Manager, Human Capital & Corporate Social Responsibility
Fuji Xerox Singapore

Pauline has nearly 20 years of work experience in both Singapore and New Zealand. She started her career in consulting in the recruitment industry servicing clients from a wide range of industries including Banking & Finance, IT & Telecommunications, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Service & Hospitality. While working to fill a Regional HR Director position for a client, she tracked down a HR Director who had just left an Investment Bank to join the Leisure & Service Industry. Intrigued by her move, Pauline interviewed the HR Director and ended up joining her team heading Recruitment & Organisation Development. She spent an exciting six years contributing to the rebranding and transformation of Sentosa Island.

Her passion for the Service Industry led Pauline to take up the HR Director position at Wildlife Reserves Singapore; where she also oversaw Environmental Health & Safety & Administration. Wildlife Reserves Singapore Parks was the first zoological institution in Southeast Asia to be awarded the Environmental and Employee Health & Safety Certifications (ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001).

At Fuji Xerox Singapore, Pauline is responsible for overseeing and managing the company’s human resource and development, corporate social responsibility and integrated office services. Together with her team, Pauline contributes to the exciting growth and development at Fuji Xerox Singapore. She partners with the line in building an engaged and motivated workforce; and a workplace that is not just great but meaningful in its commitment to sustainability.

Pauline is a graduate with a Bachelor of Arts from University of Auckland and a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology and Education from University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Richard Teo
General Manager/ Director Business Enablement and Technical Operations Division
Fuji Xerox Singapore

Richard Teo currently leads the Business Enablement and Technical Operations Division and oversees the profit and loss of the service business. His customer-centric approach to service management has enabled the department to grow in strength. The excellent performance is the evident from the Competitive Benchmark Survey which Fuji Xerox Singapore emerged the Top position in key service pillars for 2 years consecutively.

With a focus to improve efficiency and streamline processes, Richard has introduced the Order Fulfillment Team OFT concept where the central team will take charge of all coordination work relating to equipment delivery, installation and training. This has resulted in relieving our Account Managers from the coordination works so that they can concentrate on their sales activities. The key benefit of this OFT project is it provides customers a hassle-free experience through a single point contact. The OFT roll out is in implementation stage and estimated to be completed by 2012.

Prior to his role as the General Manager for Service Division, Richard has held various key positions in the company. In 1980, Richard joined Fuji Xerox Singapore as a Technical Representative. He progressed to be responsible for Electronic Printing System Technical Support when Xerox 4045 and Xerox 3700 laser printers were introduced in Singapore for the first time in 1985. Richard was subsequently promoted to District Technical Manager to take charge of the field operations.

In 1996 to 1999, Richard was assigned to Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific office to assume the role of Regional Technical Support Manager where he was responsible for introducing technical support programmes for Production Systems in the Asia Pacific regions. Due to his outstanding contributions, Richard was awarded the President’s Award in 1998. In addition, Richard was a member of the regional core team that undertook the designing of the region-wide Xerox Digital Engineer XDE programme which was aimed at upgrading the skill set of the engineers.

Richard is a graduate with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Singapore Polytechnic and holds a C&G Certification in Computer Programming from Systematic Training Centre.

Sharon Kong
General Manager/Director Industry Solutions Group
Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd

As a member of the Senior Management Team, Sharon plays an important role in the development and implementation of the strategy and vision of the company.

Sharon joined Fuji Xerox Singapore 27 years ago in the Sales Department and established her career in Sales, Sales Management and Marketing Management in the Printing Systems and Document Management Solutions areas. Her passion for the business, particularly in the changing landscape from analog to digital led her to successfully complete a Master Degree in Business IT in the 2000’s.

Armed with these experiences, she moved rapidly to take on the position of Associate Director, and led the Production Services Business Group to its success in pioneering digital production printing, and planted its dominance in digital printing solutions, particularly in the Graphic Communications industry. Today, Fuji Xerox Singapore commands more than 70% market share in the high-end digital production color printing space.

In 2009, she assumed her present position of General Manager/Director. A sought after speaker in the Digital Printing arena, Sharon is a keen golfer and traveler, and enjoys spending time with her church and family.

Phang Heng How
General Manager, Finance Management and Operations
Fuji Xerox Singapore

Phang Heng How is the General Manager of Finance Management & Operations at Fuji Xerox Singapore, leading the Finance Management & Operations team and is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of the company's financial matters, and driving the corporate finance and strategic leadership directives and initiatives.

Heng How's career in finance management spans more than 25 years across different industries, and in both private and public sectors. Prior to joining Fuji Xerox Singapore, he was the Regional Chief Financial Officer at Spicers Asia, where he oversaw financial operations for Asia and International Export businesses to other regional areas. Heng How also led the finance team at Singapore Sports Council, and successfully closed the first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project in Asia, Singapore Sports Hub, in March 2011.

More significantly, Heng How held various positions at Oce Asia Hub over 12 years. Starting out as a Business Unit Controller cum Commercial Manager at its Printing System division, Heng How went on to be the Regional Controller (CFO) for Oce. Under his leadership, Oce Singapore was the best performing OpCo in the world in both Sales and Operating Profit, and won the Champion title in corporate governance and reporting from 2001 to 2003. He was also the pioneer who started a successful debt collection system using Cloud. With such extensive experience at one of the leaders in printing solutions, Heng How is poised to value-add to his team at Fuji Xerox Singapore.

Heng How is an energetic and inspiring leader who is a strong advocate of teamwork. He believes in continuous learning to expand his knowledge and is constantly encouraging his team to enhance and develop their skills.

Heng How holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Statistics & Business Studies from the National University of Singapore, and Master of Business Administration as well as Master of Accounting from the University of Adelaide.

Lee Boon Kuey
General Manager, Solutions & Services
Fuji Xerox Singapore

Lee Boon Kuey is the General Manager of Solutions & Services at Fuji Xerox Singapore. He currently leads the Solutions & Services team, which focuses on helping organisations across any industry sector to improve processes and support infrastructures to achieve significant and sustainable business results. The innovative and tailor-made solutions and services at Fuji Xerox ranges from cloud services to sustainable business solutions, suited to meet customers’ needs.

Boon Kuey has had more than 30 years’ experience in the IT industry across both small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and multinational corporations (MNCs), with expertise in sales, management and technical roles. Prior to joining Fuji Xerox Singapore, he was a Managing Director at Elipva, where he oversaw the profit and loss objectives for the company. Boon Kuey also led the sales team at McAfee, for the ASEAN and India market. With experience in SMEs and MNCs, he is able to articulate the best of both worlds, and attend to the unique needs of Fuji Xerox Singapore customers.

Boon Kuey is resourceful, passionate and creative, keen on exploring new technologies and identifying new business opportunities. He recently taught himself to design, build and conduct workshops on 3D printing. He also filed a patent in 2000 for an e-logistics process that is now well-known in e-commerce fulfilment procedures.

Boon Kuey was trained as an engineer, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan. He has strong technical foundation in supercomputers, enterprise-scalable servers systems, alongside network security/enterprise applications and solutions.

desmond ng

Desmond Ng

Acting General Manager / Director of Global Services
Fuji Xerox Singapore

Desmond Ng is the Acting General Manager / Director of Global Services at Fuji Xerox Singapore. In his current role, he leads the dynamic Global Services team, which focuses on helping organizations improve their processes and infrastructures; to achieve significant and sustainable business results.

He leads the team in providing comprehensive services, which encompass Document Outsourcing & Communications, Next-Generation Managed Print Services, Business Process Services, Document Management Solutions and Industry Services; to meet customers' changing needs.

Desmond has had more than 20 years’ experience in the IT industry, and was the Regional Country Executive for MTS Services Lines, Global Technology Services, ASEAN at IBM. He has held numerous business management roles in IBM, with a proven track record in leading business, organizational transformation and services delivery; which covers Account Client Relationships & CRISIT Management.

Desmond is a results-oriented, client-focused leader; and has the capability to build both internal relationships and external partnerships. Apart from achieving financial results, his greatest job satisfaction comes from developing and enabling his team to outgrow their capabilities.

Desmond is a trained System Engineer and he holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Distinction) from Queensland University of Technology.

Lee Boon Kuey
General Manager, Solutions & Services
Fuji Xerox Singapore

Lee Boon Kuey
General Manager, Solutions & Services
Fuji Xerox Singapore