Summary Business Continuity Plan Disclosure

The objective of this document is to communicate Fuji Xerox Singapore’s (FXS) business continuity plan (BCP) in the event of a Pandemic outbreak and this outlines our efforts in ensuring that our business remains viable during the virus outbreak.


BCP Committee

Our BCP Committee comprises a core Business Recovery Team led by the Chief Contingency Officer (CCO) supported by senior departmental management, including our CEO. One of the main responsibilities of the committee is to provide strategic counsel for the BCP and assist on impacted areas such that critical business functions are maintained with minimal disruption.


Critical Process Recovery

Our BCP is designed for our operations to resume as quickly as possible, given the scope and severity of the business disruption. It includes the Minimum Business Continuity Objective (MBCO) which defines the minimum level of products or services that Fuji Xerox Singapore is committed to provide during disaster, pandemic outbreak, etc. The MBCO gives guidance on what should be recovered and how extensive the recovery should be for the Business Recovery Team, of which the details are incorporated in our Disaster Recovery Plan.


Safety and Health

In the event of a pandemic outbreak, Fuji Xerox Singapore will adhere to all travel and health advisories, including procedures and precautionary measures recommended by Ministry of Health and other government agencies. For example, to defer non-essential travel to affected areas until further notice, complete health and travel declarations, temperature taking/screening, Leave of Absence and Stay-Home Notice.

We have also put in place health, safety advisory and control measures that are aligned to DORSCON guidelines, along with all necessary precautions communicated through relevant channels such as email, website and social media.


Communications with Employees, Customers, Vendors and Partners

Effective communications are to be maintained between all parties at all times. Fuji Xerox Singapore will continue to communicate with its customers, vendors and partners using the telephone, email, fax, mail, and in person. In the event of any significant business disruption, Fuji Xerox Singapore will assess all modes of communication available and use the most efficient means. Additionally, if all traditional means of communication are not available, Fuji Xerox Singapore will post emergency contact information and instructions on the web site of its key contact person.


Communications with Media

The communication strategy with respect to the media will be directed to Fuji Xerox Corporate Communications team with all external messaging to be approved by the CEO. No staff member should give an interview with the media unless this is pre-authorised by the Business Recovery Team.


Contacting Us

If you have any questions, you may contact our Pandemic Officer, Steven Ong at



Fuji Xerox Singapore’s BCP is designed to address the continued operation of the organisation in the event of an emergency situation or Significant Business Disruption. However, all risks of business interruption cannot be eliminated and Fuji Xerox Singapore cannot guarantee that systems will always be available or recoverable following a Significant Business Disruption. The information contained in this disclosure is provided by Fuji Xerox Singapore for informational purposes only, and nothing contained herein shall be construed to amend, supplement or otherwise modify any of the terms and conditions.