How SMBs can tame the document deluge

How SMBs can tame the document deluge

If you have heaps of paper-based and digital documents that are not tracked or managed, things can quickly go out of hand. Not only will this lead to rising printing and filing costs, but productivity also takes a hit as employees find it harder to get the information they need.

According to a survey by Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, a global network of business leaders, organisations reported a wide variety of document-related problems.

These include losses in time and productivity in searching for documents, identifying the right version of a document as well as security issues, among others. Here's how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can tame the document deluge with a document management system:

A single source for documents
Say goodbye to documents strewn over the office or stashed in cabinets. Such disorganised ways of organising physical documents make it difficult for employees to look for the information they need. For SMBs that have started on their digitisation journey, it's common to have employees storing documents on work computers, and not in organisational repositories that make it possible to access, edit and share documents with colleagues. With a common document management system such as Fuji Xerox’s DocuShare, employees have a single point to turn to for all their document needs.

Better organisation of information
Many companies aren't run like libraries, which use classification systems that make it easy to retrieve both physical and digital content. In many firms, especially SMBs, documents are often organised and tagged differently by different users, creating frustration for those who need information at their fingertips. With a document handling software such as DocuWorks that makes documents of all formats work to your advantage, companies can organise their information for improved accessibility and searchability by colleagues. This includes proper versioning so that employees will know which version of a document they are looking at.

Manage data on cloud applications
With cloud services widely used across industries and lines of business, chances are SMB employees would be using at least one cloud service for work purposes. SMBs looking to better manage corporate information and documents residing on third-party services can turn to cloud platforms such as Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Service Hub, which can connect with multiple cloud services. Employees can sign on to cloud services with a single ID, and automatically save a copy of a file on a cloud storage application to a knowledge management system, saving time and effort while maintaining data integrity and accuracy.

Streamline business processes
Documents do not exist in silos. They are often part of business processes where information is passed from one employee to another within the same department or across business units. Some advanced document management systems come with workflow orchestration capabilities that enable documents to be automatically routed to the right person, enabling organisations to focus on what they do best – whether it's customer service or patient care – rather than managing documents.

Learn how Fuji Xerox can help you manage the document deluge with a combination of solutions such as DocuShare, DocuWorks and Cloud Service Hub. Get in touch now!

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