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Cloud On-Demand Print

Making printing at your destination faster, easier


Using cloud service on the Internet enables you to print on a multifunction device at your destination.

You want to print your document at your destination but there is a risk of losing data if you carry it in a USB, and constantly installing a printer driver on your PC is a nuisance. Cloud On-Demand Print can solve these problems.
Store your documents from your PC or mobile device to the cloud server on the Internet and print on demand on a multifunction device at your destination using your ID and password.
You can print the necessary documents easily and securely without worrying about losing data or installing a dedicated driver.



Linkage with Cloud Service

1You can transfer and print documents stored in external cloud services.

2. Upload data easily from PC or mobile device
    Upload the document that you want to print to the cloud server via the Internet from your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

3. Print data securely at your destination
    Log into a multifunction device supporting Cloud On-Demand Print using your ID and password and print the stored document.


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Cloud On-Demand Print

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Cloud on-demand print | Cloud Printing Management