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Proof of delivery drives a company’s revenue. Every time a proof of delivery is lost or damaged, orders cannot be invoiced and the organization may lose significant income.

The delivery note is the basis for payment to the company by the customer. The management of PODs, their handling and storage is of the utmost importance for companies managing their delivery logistics. This is a key process because, every time a POD is lost or damaged, orders cannot be invoiced and the company loses money. The POD, with the customer’s signature on it, literally drives the company’s revenue.

The Challenge

Paper is often the cause of many inefficien- cies in processing. Every time a piece of paper is lost or damaged, orders cannot be invoiced and you lose money. Lost documents need to be reproduced and customers contacted to obtain a second signature.
Companies often have to credit customers because they can’t prove the delivery or they deliver the goods a second time in order to be able to invoice.
Because delivery notes need to pass through many hands before they are safely captured back into a system, the process is time-consuming and error-prone. Matching purchase orders, indexing, and data entry can take days. Scanning helps optimize the process, but the process still relies heavily on human intervention. Your employees lose time that could have been better spent on profitable activities.
Trying to find a solution, some organizations have bought mobile computer based systems. Mobile computers are robust and often integrated with ERP systems, but are expensive, restricted for specific uses and not user-friendly. They don’t allow interaction, personalization or dynamic content. They prevent real-time data access, which is vital to rapid and effective problem resolution.

Improved Customer Service

Customer service is the key to customer retention. When you deliver a product, it’s an opportunity to interact with your customer and make it a great experience. OL Connect allows you to show the proof of delivery on a tablet and enable customers to change quantities and have them sign the revised document immediately. With no keying, invoicing is always accurate, meaning no complaints.

Why Choose OL Connect?

  • Connect to ERP with ease, continue printing delivery notes, but have them directed to tablets for interaction by the delivery driver and customer.
  • Stay digital, stop using paper, eliminate scanning.
  • Send delivery notes back to the office in real time after each delivery No need for an internet connection, works off-line
  • Manage exceptions in real time
  • Improve the customer experience

How OL Connect Works

 1 1. With OL Connect, delivery notes are printed as usual, the print job is intercepted and turned into a web application that can be run as an application on a tablet or phone.
 2 2. The driver authenticates into the App on his tablet or phone and delivery notes for the day’s deliveries are automatically downloaded.

3. If changes need to be made, they can be made directly on the delivery note that is now on the tablet, which may include:

a. Taking photo evidence of damaged boxes
b. Taking notes
c. Changing quantities
d. Capturing GPS coordinates
e. Capturing signature, date and time

 4 4. Delivery notes when complete are automatically sent back for processing. If there is no internet connection, they can be queued so that whenever a connection comes back, they’re synced right away.
 5 5. Delivery notes can be sent back to the office in real time after each delivery. Back at the office, the signed electronic delivery notes are matched to the original and the order. If everything matches perfectly, the invoice can be created and sent right away, cutting days and even weeks off the collection time.

Key Benefits

  • No change to current ERP system, process remains the same
  • Completely customizable and adaptive design for phone or tablet
  • Generates PDF format for EDM and metadata for automatic upload into ERP

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Smart Multi Channel Communication - OL Connect

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