Pay less for more perks!

Are you planning to replace your current office multi-function printer? Lease/purchase the latest Fuji Xerox multi-function printers today and receive a complimentary print/cost management service (Device Log Service) *.

The DocuCentre-VII and ApeosPort-VII multi-function printers come in various print speeds (up to 70 pages per minute) to meet the printing volume of small and large companies.

  • Improved user experience - the 10.1 inch color touch panel supports tap and swipe operations, allowing all operations to be completed using a single finger. Each function is also color-coded for each recognition.
  • Enhanced data security - the DocuCentre-VII and ApeosPort-VII support HCD PP v1.0, TPM, SMB V3, SFTp, and image log for Paperless FAX delivery.
  • Intelligent scanning - create workflows to scan and save documents into pre-specified folders quickly, and scan multiple irregularly sized documents (such as receipts) without the need to individually enter each individual document's size.

Device Log Service (free with every lease/purchase of DocuCentre-VII/ApeosPort-VII)

  • Scalable tracking system - manage, and track usage by user and department; Device Log Service lets you manage up to 2000 users and 100 multi-function printers.
  • User-friendly interface - log in via web browser (no additional hardware/software cost required) to view your reports; and set your preferred report criteria (by black/color print usage, view results in pie/chart/graph format) to generate reports quickly. 
  • Print/cost saving solution - reduce printing cost by knowing your print usage.

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