Free Usage Tracking & Reporting Solution (worth up to $900) with Your Purchase

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Having visibility over every aspect of your organisation's operations is the key to unlocking business value amid increasingly competitive business landscapes. Print costs can rack up to 15% of a company's revenue1 making it imperative for businesses to keep track of print usage and reduce print waste.

Our suite of smart solutions can empower your machine to scan and securely manage your documents on the cloud while providing full print visibility. Enjoy a 50% discount on the following user-friendly solutions when you purchase a Fuji Xerox Multifunction Printer:

Device Log Service A centralised cost management system that allows you to conveniently monitor print usage and user job output with intuitive charts and dashboards. Find out where your print bottlenecks and cost sinkholes are.
Cloud Service Hub  A cloud-based service that connects your Multifunction Printer to popular cloud storage services. Access your files whenever and wherever you need them.
Scan Delivery Kit Scan documents more efficiently and have them managed with this streamlined scan management system.


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1IDC Whitepaper, Beneath The Surface: The True Cost of Enterprise Printing.


IT Concierge Service (ICS) is a key service offering under the Fuji Xerox Dream Service umbrella – aimed at empowering your organization with the flexibility of meeting ever-changing IT demands. ICS lends the expertise to get your IT up-and-running with 3 criteria: On-time, on-budget and spot-on in meeting requirements. To maximise the clockwork efficiency of an existing infrastructure, ICS provides the professionalism and standards expected of an outsourced option, only without the cost implications or hassle typical with others.

ICS extends quality care and support across the customer’s multifunction device (MFD) and office IT infrastructure – expect nothing less than SCP-certified support, a guarantee to you of our commitment to achieve high service levels. At Fuji Xerox ICS, we believe you deserve the best IT support for your business, and we’re here to do just that.

Extend on-time, on-budget and spot-on service with ICS!

Get up to $1100 in bonus credit on IT Concierge Service, this time only!

Benefits of ICS:

thumbs up continuity

One-Stop Solution
Extend similar high-quality care and support from your MFD to your IT environment through a single vendor - Fuji Xerox

Business Continuity
Businesses today are becoming increasingly reliant on IT that should run like clockwork. Leverage on our expertise and experience to make this happen for you

SCP-Certified Service Infrastructure
Fuji Xerox is accredited with the Service Capability & Performance (SCP) Standards - a global benchmark for service excellence

Controlled Expenditure
Lower IT overheads through utilising ad-hoc IT support packages that are tailored to your needs/requirements

Who may need ICS:

Who may need ITS


  1. New business premises: Getting connected – and staying connected – is especially important for customers looking to expand or pursue a new business venture. Start off your business on a solid foot with the right IT infrastructure.
  2. Organisations without IT support: Down time is costly, especially to businesses without in-house IT support. ICS provides you a peace of mind should unforeseen IT disasters occur.
  3. Office expansion/ relocation: Business expansion leads to an increase in the number of IT users and equipment. Utilize on our expertise to tackle your scalability concerns. In the case of a relocation, ICS ensures a smooth IT transition for your businesses.
  4. Complement in-house IT: Complement existing in-house IT support during mass migration or one-off IT exercises. ICS – IT performance boosters right at your fingertips!


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Paper Promotion
Enjoy FREE 12 months paper supply* worth up to $696
when you purchase or lease Fuji Xerox's multifunction devices today!
Take your business further with Fuji Xerox's multifunction devices
Intelligent Automation
  • Streamline processes and promote efficiency with automation features
Cloud Integration
  • Manage, print, scan, share to and from the cloud anytime, anywhere
360° Protection
  • Comprehensive security to protect your devices and confidential documents
Simplified Management
  • Optimise your devices and gain visibility on printing costs via single point of management

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Fuji Xerox's FSC certified Performer 70 gsm paper is suitable for everyday printing and photocopying.


(35ppm and below)

Mid / High
(more than 35ppm)

 Eligible Models
  • DocuCentre SC2022
  • DocuCentre-V C2265/C2263
  • ApeosPort/DocuCentre-VII C3373/C3372/C2272
  • DocuCentre S2520/2320
  • ApeosPort/DocuCentre-V 3065/3060/2060
  • ApeosPort/Docucentre-VII C7773/C6673/C5573/C4473
  • ApeosPort/DocuCentre-VII C7788/C6688/C5588
  • ApeosPort/DocuCentre-V 5070/4070
  • ApeosPort/DocuCentre-V 7080/6080
 Free Item

80 reams x A4 70 gsm
Performer Paper

(Worth up to S$464)

120 reams x A4 70 gsm
Performer Paper

(Worth up to S$696)

*12 months of paper supply is based on average consumption of 3300/5000 sheets of paper per month.


*Terms and conditions apply. Click here for the full details.


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