Remote Work Is Easy With Fuji Xerox

Remote Working


Working from home is an inevitable precaution to be taken during crises like the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. However, working from home is difficult to carry out. Such mobile working can be inefficient, unproductive and disruptive without the right IT infrastructure and software.

Moreover, disruption of business can cause organisations to lose their competitive edge and profitability leading to devastating outcomes for smaller businesses with smaller margins for error.

Feeling the heat? Fear not! Fuji Xerox's mobile work offerings enable businesses to access, scan and print documents on cloud and empower seamless collaboration between employees regardless of location.


Cloud Service Hub

Already on cloud but managing multiple services and platforms? Cloud Service Hub consolidates all of these with a single sign-on platform that helps you to scan, store and print in one seamless workflow. Avoid the complications of cloud integration while maximising the benefits of cloud technology!

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Cloud On-Demand Print

Ever needed to print a document at the last minute? With Cloud On-Demand Print you will never have to work up a sweat again. Simply, upload the document on the go and print at any of the printers supporting Cloud On-Demand Print, at your destination.

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DocuWorks 9 with DocuWorks Tray

Access and edit your key documents anytime and anywhere with this intuitive tool. Collaborate with other users with instant annotations and automatic alerts when documents are ready for review. Keep your business working like clockwork with these DocuWorks solutions.

Here's how DocuWorks 9 works:

Here's how DocuWorks Tray can simplify workflows:


Working Folder

Need to digitalise and access documents for easy archival and retrieval? This affordable entry-level document management service has you covered!