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Digitising Communication for Construction Business

As cities continue to grow, so do the demands for construction companies to produce higher-quality infrastructure at a faster rate. Reliant on the collaboration between different teams and suppliers, the need for efficient and timely communication has never been more apparent.

With construction companies having multiple projects in different locations all running simultaneously and liaising with various external partners at the same time, project data is continuously being updated and shared among several teams.

The Changing Operational Needs of Collaborative Business
One of the main challenges of the construction industry is Digitising the Communication Process in an effort to streamline project management and collaboration among suppliers.

  • Architectural designs are frequently amended on-site, resulting in outdated or mismatched HQ data.
  • A manual, paper-intensive procurement process leads to higher printing costs and the possible overlapping of information, resulting in schedule delays and overspending.
  • Direct emails with suppliers leads to a large volume of messages in one inbox, risking missed communication and an ineffective document management process.

Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Solution Suite Digitises Communication
With the Fuji Xerox Cloud Solution Suite, construction companies are able to collaborate better with their internal and external partners through digital workflow solutions. These allow team members to easily share and upload information whether on-site or at the office.


The solution offers the following benefits:

Digitising communication channels ensures everyone is aligned and up-to-date, improving data accuracy and overall performance.

Cloud solutions empower staff members from different locations to share and upload information in real-time, enabling faster communication with external partners.

Through Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Solution Suite, companies can maximise valued time and human resources by zeroing in on cost-effective work solutions.

Thanks to Fuji Xerox’s Cloud Solution Suite, construction companies can better consolidate their operations, whether team members are at the office or on-site. Bearing in mind the nature of the industry—edited designs and last-minute changes on technical information—it’s important for everyone to stay up-to-date to deliver quality output. Through Fuji Xerox’s cloud solutions, field workers can easily upload any updates through the Cloud, making it easily accessible for those at headquarters to download and process data in real-time—a definite win for both the client and the company.

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