Document Management

We’ve made it easy for you to upgrade your digital workplace. Smart Work Gateway solutions provide your business with the essential components of efficient and digitised operations.

Cost Control

Total control over print activities gives you better management of cost and efficiency. Prevent wastage and secure all print activities with one-touch user authentication. User-based tracking, along with different levels of authentication (card, code, log-in), makes you an impenetrable gatekeeper. Allow only the authorised and the conscientious to activate the printer. Program the release of prints only when the user or authorised collector has approached the MFD.

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Smart Work Gateway has your security and copyright needs covered. Data-centric security and Information Rights Management (IRM) control the use of, modification, and distribution of content that you own. With IRM implementation, your information handling is conducted with the highest security standards, reducing the risk of information leaks. If confidential information leaks occur, you will be equipped to respond swiftly, secure your data, and identify the source.

With the integration with your Fuji Xerox MFD, paper documents scanned by your device’s scanner can be secured with the same process as digital documents.

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Automated Workflow

Beyond just automating tasks, Smart Work Gateway is called Smart for a reason. Your multi-function device (MFD) will facilitate the distributed document capture, and with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), document text is digitised. Mobile access and processing are possible from both iOS and Android devices–Customise this feature according to your operational workflow and free up valuable time.

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Cloud and Mobile

With the modern mobile workdesk, you likely have a whole array of cloud services to log on to every time you reboot your system. With Smart Work Gateway, connect all your cloud services and access them with a single sign-on. Manage and preview documents, search for content, and do file conversion all from one digital home.

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Meet Your Smart Work Gateway

Change the way your business operates by moving your business to the digital age enabled with Smart Work Gateway’s suite of solutions for enhance productivity and better security.

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