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Are you planning to replace your current office multi-function printer? Lease/purchase the latest Fuji Xerox multi-function printers today and enjoy 50% off colour prints*.

Office Multifunction Devices
The DocuCentre-VII and ApeosPort-VII multi-function printers come in various print speeds (up to 70 pages per minute) to meet the printing volume of small and large companies.

  • Improved user experience - the 10.1 inch color touch panel supports tap and swipe operations, allowing all operations to be completed using a single finger. Each function is also color-coded for each recognition.
  • Enhanced data security - the DocuCentre-VII and ApeosPort-VII support TPM, SMB V3, SFTp, and image log for Paperless FAX delivery.
  • Intelligent scanning - create workflows to scan and save documents into pre-specified folders quickly, and scan multiple irregularly sized documents (such as receipts) without the need to individually enter each individual document's size.

Production Presses

The Iridesse Production Press is the industry’s first 6-colour print engine with the option to print gold, silver, white and clear dry ink.

  • Incorporate highly reflective metallic colours in your print-outs.
  • Save cost and increase productivity - handle printing and finishing using specialty colours in a single pass.

The B9 series copier/printer produces high quality monochrome prints with multiple finishing options and incredible speed.

  • Complete large print jobs quickly - enjoy print speeds of up to 136 pages per minute (minimum print speed: 100 pages per minute).
  • Produce high quality print-outs - high quality printing on media ranging from 52gsm to 350gsm.
  • Intelligent streamlining of print workflow - group print jobs with the same print settings to increase print productivity.

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