We are #BuiltForMore

As the world's leading provider of new class document
services, communications and printing solutions,
Fuji Xerox
Singapore is the digital transformational partner you need to
stay ahead in business.

With the aim of making your business smarter, we built our
Multi-Function Devices (MFD) and solutions for more:
predict, innovate and make data-informed
decisions - enhancing your customer experiences,
greater workforce innovation within and generating new
business opportunities.

More Than
Just a Document
Fuelling paper-to-digital transformation
"Paper is a good place to start thinking about digital transformation, because it is the Achilles heel of most organisations."
John Mancini, President, CEO and Chief Evangelist, Association for Information and Image Management
the paper trail
Documents are the lifeblood of organisations. But its exponential growth is disruptive on employee productivity and business processes.
Over 1 trillion sheets
of paper trashed every year
A distance halfway from the
Earth to the moon
$1 spent on print
$9 spent on
document management
Workflow Assessment
At Fuji Xerox Singapore, we offer a personalised assessment before you begin your digital transformation journey to uncover tangible areas in your business processes that can be eliminated and improved - enabling:
Greater efficiency
Cost savings
Eco- friendliness
Starting point in digitisation:
Flip to uncover
the truth about
paper-based processes
90% of employees are
burdened with boring and repetitive tasks which can be easily automated
Digitise for new business possibilities
Say goodbye to tedious paper-based processes and hello to a simple way to store, secure and manage documents.
business agility
Optimise print environment by
over 30% reduction
in cost 
Scale easily
as your
business grows  
your business’s
security posture
mobile workforce productivity
is a scalable cloud solution that
gives you secure and location-free
access to documents
manages your printer fleet with
ease and maximises resources - by
printing for less and printing less
of activities in business processes are not optimised for efficiency
Transform the way
you work with Fuji Xerox
Empower employees to work smarter, better and faster by simplifying and automating complex workflows.
Workflow Automation
is the smarter approach to working, eliminating
paper-based tasks, streamlining any complex
workflows and automating all manual processes
to increase productivity.
Frees up resources
from repetitive tasks
and manual labour 
Improves job satisfaction and employee engagement
Enhances work quality
and precision while
minimising error
Enables teams to collaborate effectively with access to documents anywhere, anytime
It starts with paper and ends with digital transformation
As the world's leading provider of new class document services, communications and printing solutions, Fuji Xerox Singapore understands the impact of paper-based processes on your organisation - allowing us to facilitate digital transformation from within your department.
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