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Did you know? Businesses use up to 5 million sheets of paper each year. That's up to 200GB of data potentially lost!

It all starts with a more
intelligent workflow.

capture intelligently

Automatically convert paper files into searchable, shareable documents with OCR technology and enjoy greater operational savings.

store securely

Strengthen your data security and safeguard your documents while keeping data accessible organisation-wide on a cloud platform.

manage seamlessly

Make your information flow smarter, simpler, and faster by improving how documents are managed online.

enjoy greater savings and productivity

Facilitate employee productivity with remote access for easy document retrieval, cloud-based document sharing, and on demand printing from anywhere, on any device.


Scroll down to find out how Fuji Xerox automates and accelerates paper-based processes no matter your business type, so you can focus on more value-added work.

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Answer a few questions to discover how you can turn your documents into a catalyst for digital transformation. You'll get personalised results and insights that can help with more informed decision-making.

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Your goal: to build better customer experiences and create greater business value. Uncover how automating your workflows can build a seamless user journey and open new revenue streams for you.

and medium

Growing your infrastructure and increasing business-wide productivity are your top priorities. Uncover how you can turn paper-based business processes into cost-savings and be on your way towards realising your goals!

Using Automation
to Power Employee

Paper-intensive processes can
slow down your teams. See how
an automated way of work helped
employees in Trustpower be more
mobile and productive.

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Your Quick Start
to Better Workflow

Adapting to the future of work
is easy. Here’s our effective,
step-by-step guide to becoming
a truly flexible workplace.

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Increasing Workflow
30% in Cost Savings

As the fastest growing logistics
provider, Pacific Logistics Group
couldn't afford complexities. Find out how Fuji Xerox transformed
its workflow.

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How to Tame the
Document Deluge

So many documents, so little time. Find out how a document
management system keeps
you better organised.

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unlock your paper-to-digital intelligence potential

Take our Digital Readiness Assessment to find out where your business lies with its data - and what you can do to bring more to your business.


Do you keep paper documents in your workplace?

Do you scan important documents for backup
and reference purposes?

Do you keep electronic copies of your documents in a
central repository?

Is there any manual data entry work in your office?

When negotiations with my customer are completed,
I finalise the transaction by...

Are you using Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
for manual, repetitive work?

Is your organisation manually processing data for
orders? For example, invoices in your ERP system.

Do you have good visibility on the status of processes once
you have initiated them?

Do you use technology to track your financial metrics?
For example, dashboards that visualise cash flow data.

What's your organisation's approach to driving
innovation within the workplace.

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you are data-aware

You are aware of the potential of the data that lies within your documents. You have taken the first step in digitising your documents, and you would like to effectively use the data to derive greater value for both your customers and business.

Continuing your journey in transforming your workplace is easier than you think.

Your new digital workflow

step 1: digitise

Converting paper-based documents into electronic resources fosters business continuity and recovery. So, evaluate what's the best technology to keep your critical business data secure, accessible and convenient for collaboration.

step 2: Organise

Still manually sorting documents and entering data? Remove these costly processes by evaluating enterprise content management solutions. An effective one can empower your business with the means of organising and accessing important information anytime, anywhere.

step 3: automate

The need for physical signatures in review and approval processes should no longer be a bottleneck. Smart solutions like Robotic Process Automation deploy intelligent bots that work alongside your teams to speed up the whole process. The result? Faster approvals, greater reliability and higher accuracy.

step 4: streamline

Automation is great for streamlining processes. Use it together with real-time analytics and insights, and you'll be able to stay informed on the actual efficiency of your operational processes. The better you're able to manage these processes, the easier it is for your business to grow.

step 5: transform

Data gives insight into your business' strengths and weaknesses. So why not visualise it on a dashboard and use the information to your competitive advantage? Harness its power and empower your teams with the right tools to spur innovation and build a more sustainable business.

let's talk digital transformation

Business transformation is no longer a linear process. Aspects like digitisation and automation have placed us in different stages of our journey with varied maturity levels.

With a better understanding of where your business lies, you will be more informed of the most effective and efficient ways to build a smarter digital workplace.

Wherever you are in your journey, let us help you with tailor-made solutions built around your needs and goals.

Schedule your complimentary consultation for a more thorough analysis of your digital readiness, so you can confidently take your next steps and achieve digital transformation.


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